Start a Chapter

Here are some suggestions to help you get started (these are also in your PRIA Local Handbook):

  • Create a list of individuals consisting of at least one representative from each sector– title, escrow, recording, lenders, underwriters, and vendors. All sectors of the property records industry are encouraged to participate. If you already have some type of networking group, expand on it.
  • If you are from the private sector, ask someone from the public sector to assist you in creating the invitation list and organizing your first meeting. If you are a government sector participant, recruit someone from the business sector to help you. The two of you will prepare for and facilitate the meeting until the chapter co-chairs are selected.
  • Pick a day, time and place for your first meeting, keeping in mind the times less hectic for everyone.
  • Send an invitation to all those on the list you created. Develop an agenda covering the purpose of the meeting and discussion items. Keep it simple. See the invitation and agenda samples on the PRIA Local web pages.
  • Encourage participation. Emphasize the importance of getting together!
  • Be sure to have an attendance sign-in sheet ready. An efficient method is to print out your invitation list so that each attendee can simply sign or initial by his/her name. Ask that they verify and update contact information, particularly email addresses.
  • Appoint someone to take minutes.
  • Consider offering refreshments or arrange for lunch. An office tour can be a good icebreaker. Have everyone introduce him or herself.
  • Discuss the purpose of PRIA Local, including why and how it was formed. Provide helpful information about PRIA Local, including a review of the operating rules.
  • Review the benefits of PRIA Local participation
    • Builds positive industry relationships
    • Local industry issues resolved quickly
    • Legislative issues addressed effectively
    • Increased knowledge and understanding of industry standards, model legislation, technologies and processes
  • Develop an on-going plan:
    • What will your chapter be called?
    • Who will serve as co-chairs and for how long?
    • How often does the group want to meet?
    • What geographical area will your chapter cover?
    • What issues do members want to address?

  • Report back to your PRIA Local Coordinator

To view our PRIA Local Starter Kit, click here.

Still have questions? PRIA can help walk you through the process. To contact our National PRIA Local Coordinator, click here.