Working together towards a common goal.

PRIA is an idea that government and business can work together, with mutual respect, to address issues of common concern in the world of property transactions.


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We love “round table” discussions.

PRIA was created based on the concept that participants from all industry segments come together as equals to openly discuss issues and develop best practices and standards for the industry.

Who we are

PRIA is a place for all participants of the property records industry to come together and openly discuss issues of common concern. Our members include recorders, title and escrow companies, lenders, notary associations, technology companies and industry groups from across the real estate and mortgage industries.

By developing and promoting national standards and best practices for the land records industry, PRIA and its members are playing a leading role in making property transactions faster, safer and more convenient for everyone.


In the 1990s, the land records industry found itself at a crossroads. While new technologies and electronic commerce were being adopted across the country, the bulk of the nation’s land records procedures remained mired in paper and old business practices. At the time, there were few standards for document recording, and most recording offices lacked the funding to develop new technologies. Business was frustrated by an inability to get documents recorded quickly and efficiently. Government was frustrated by its inability to improve efficiency and customer service.

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What we do

PRIA is propelling the property records industry into the future by fostering an environment where industry participants can openly discuss their challenges and issues involving land records. These discussions lead to best practices and standards, which are published and distributed to the industry.

  • Identify opportunities for collaboration among industry stakeholders
  • Develop recommendations for and adoption of standards and best practices
  • Provide a clearinghouse for property records-related information
  • Educate members, industry stakeholders and the public about the property records industry

Leadership team

To find contact information for PRIA leaders, click on their titles and names below.


Annette Hill (Recorder, 2024)

Associate Commissioner/City Register
N.Y. City Dept. of Finance, NY


Vice President

Dan Shmukler (Business, 2023)

Regional Account Manager
Harris Recording Solutions



Gerald Smith (At-Large, 2023)

St. Louis Co., MO



Brian Ernissee (Business, 2023)

Vice President of Document Production
Nationwide Title Clearing

727.771.4000 ext. 210

Immediate Past President

Jerry Lewallen (ex-officio)

Chief Strategy Officer
eRecording Partners Network


Teresa Kiel (Recorder, 2023)

Guadalupe County, TX


Brandon Krause (Recorder, 2024)

Register of Deeds
Bay County, MI


Sharon Martin (Recorder, 2023)

Register of Deeds
Washington County, WI


Sharon Blount-Baker (Recorder, 2023)

Circuit Clerk & Ex-officio Recorder
Crawford Co., AR


Elizabeth Blosser (Business, 2024)

Vice President of Government Affairs
American Land Title Association


Jana Miyasaki (Business, 2024)

Operations Manager


Christie Adams (Business, 2023)

County Sales Executive
eRecording Partners Network


Kyle Quackenbush (At-Large, 2024)

Manager, Official Records
Orange County, FL


Nakia McFarland (At-Large, 2024)

US Archives
Athens, GA


Mark Ladd

Vice President of Regulatory & Industry Affairs


Marc Aronson

Pennsylvania Association of Notaries

412.281.0678.ext. 113

Larry Burtness

Digital Asset Registration Technologies, Inc


Charlie Epperson

Chief Technology Officer
Evolve Mortgage Services


Kelly Romeo

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
American Land Title Association


Diane Swoboda Peterson

Deputy Recorder
Woodbury Co., IA


Jim Thompson

Chief Staff Officer


Stevie Kernick

Work Group Coordinator

919.459. 6096

Carolyn Ableman

PRIA Local Coordinator


Speakers Bureau

Are you looking for someone to discuss new technologies and developments in the property records industry for an upcoming meeting? PRIA can help.

Our Speakers Bureau has experts with years of experience in property records. They can share their expertise on a wide range of topics, from eRecording to decreasing document rejections, eNotarizations, GIS and land records, data and file format standards and more. Our speakers can travel to your location.

To request a PRIA speaker and presentation, please complete the short form below.

If you selected other for topic of interest above, enter the topic here.

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Carolyn Ableman