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Electronic Notarization – Traditional Assurances

for Electronically Recorded Documents

The status of electronic notarization in the U.S., as of April 1, 2023.

The terms in the legend are defined as follows:

TODAY (green) These are states in which electronically enabled notarization is approved by either the adoption of ESIGN or UETA, or specific enabling acts or regulations.  There is no assurance that electronically enabled notarization is actually taking place in these states at this time.

NOT TODAY (red) Despite the fact that these states are subject to ESIGN and UETA, the state notary appointing authority has not given permission to the notaries public to act as electronically enabled notaries.

Information on this map is subject to change without notice.  If you have questions on the current situation in a specific state, contact PRIA.

List of RON States (Updated May 10, 2022) – Click here.