PRIA frequently conducts member surveys on key industry issues. See the results of our surveys from the past year by clicking on whatever topic interests you.

COVID Survey - Business 07/20/2020
To determine the effects of COVID 19 on businesses
COVID Survey - Government 07/20/2020
To determine the effects of COVID 19 on government offices
Member Satisfaction Survey 03/12/2019
To assess satisfaction with PRIA member benefits
ADA Survey 07/18/2018
To determine the levels of ADA compliance on organization websites
Document Rejections Survey 11/08/2017
To determine major pain points causing rejection of documents
State Standards for Certified Copies 07/14/2015
To determine which states have a standards for certifying copies
Certified Copies 12/17/2014
To determine procedures for certifying copies
GIS/Assessor Survey 10/24/2014
To determine current levels of integration between the recorders and GIS offices
Real Estate Records Searchable Online 11/06/2014
To determine the counties that post searchable real estate records to the Internet