PRIA, the national standard-setting body for the land records industry, maintains a list of jurisdictions that have implemented eRecording technology.  The list includes jurisdictions whose implementations have been confirmed by PRIA.  The names of the eRecording jurisdictions are available to the public, while PRIA members have access to a more detailed list, which includes contact information for the jurisdictions, as well as the individual jurisdiction’s technology vendor(s).  The PRIA administrative staff works with multiple resources to find and report new eRecording-enabled jurisdictions.

U.S. Jurisdictions With eRecording

Jurisdictions eRecording Enabled (Excel Spreadsheet) – as of 8/31/2022

If you would like to view the above file with the updates since the prior month highlighted, please click here to download the Excel Spreadsheet file.


Notes regarding eRecording detail list:

  1. List is based on information gathered from jurisdictions and vendors.
  2. The eRecording vendors listed are the vendors being used by the jurisdictions to receive electronic documents at the time the county was first enabled.
  3. If multiple eRecording vendors are included, the jurisdiction is using each of these vendors to receive documents.
  4. Other eRecording vendors may be submitting into a jurisdiction; they are not listed here.