The PRIA Bylaws define the way in which the association is governed.  They set forth the structure of the organization and guide the Board of Directors in the conduct of its business. 

The purposes and objectives of PRIA as defined in the bylaws 

  • Identify opportunities for the industry to work together to improve the trustworthiness and effectiveness of the property ownership principles that are the foundation of market capitalism in the United States and abroad;
  • Acknowledge diversity of viewpoints on industry issues so as to identify areas of consensus within the industry leading to recommendations in support of best standards and practices;
  • Encourage adoption of such model standards and practices;
  • Provide a clearinghouse for information related to property records’  principles, practices, systems, protocols and legislation; and
  • Educate industry participants, legislators and the public about the organization, role and function of the property records industry.

The PRIA Operating Rules provide a detailed summary of how the Bylaws will be applied, including the policies, which govern the board’s activities.

Each year the Board of Directors, Council of Advisors and Committee Co-chairs gather for two-days of planning to consider the strategic direction for PRIA for the coming year and beyond.  The result of that meeting is an outline of strategic priorities.