PRIA develops standards, white papers, best practices and educational resources for the property records industry.
These work products are defined as follows:

Background Paper:  A document providing relevant facts and information on a specific standard, topic, issue, technology, legislation, statute, decision, development, policy or practice that is of interest to the property records industry.

Best Practice:  A method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means.  A “best” practice can evolve as experience and research develop. A practice is used to maintain quality as an alternative to mandatory legislated standards and can be based on self-assessment and benchmarking.

Model Legislation:  A text that is meant to serve as a guide for subsequent legislation. Not usually meant to be enacted exactly as it is written, it is provided for the various legislatures to create their own law.

Standard:  A standard is a work product established by consensus that provides rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results.

Supplement:  Additional information based on or relating to an existing Work Product, produced for the benefit of the property records industry.

Video:  An audiovisual presentation, delivered online or via other media, intended to inform and educate an audience. A video may fulfill the purposes of a White Paper, Standard, Best Practice or Supplement.

White Paper:   An authoritative report or guide helping readers to understand an issue, solve a problem or make a decision.  It may take a position, as well as include proposals for future work products.

PRIA work products may be referenced in the PRIA Resource Library.

Have an idea for a new PRIA work product? Use the Work Project Request form to get started. The Work Product Development process explains how a project goes from an idea to a publication while How an Idea Becomes a Standard is a graphic depiction of the process.

Work Project Request
Work Product Development process
How an Idea Becomes a Standard